Michael Wynhausen has the experience necessary to be your Linn County Circuit Court Judge. Not only has he spent his entire legal career in the service of the public as a prosecutor, over 20 years, but the nature of that experience has made him uniquely qualified to be your next Linn County Judge. Unlike other attorneys who get into the courtroom on a weekly or monthly basis with a few trials under their belts, Michael Wynhausen, has been in court throughout his career on an almost daily basis, having tried literally hundreds of cases. Moreover, of the over 20 years that Michael Wynhausen has been a prosecutor, almost 15 of those years have been spent, right here in the Linn County Courthouse, he knows your courthouse, the things that work and those that don’t, better than any other candidate in this race.

Fairness and Justice for the Citizens of Linn County

As your next Linn County Circuit Court Judge, Michael Wynhausen is committed to a fair, impartial and conscientious approach to justice  He understands that the role of the court is to serve and protect the citizens of Linn County, and that every person who comes before the court has a right to be heard and to be treated fairly in the eyes of the law.

Public Safety and Offender Accountability

Michael Wynhausen is a highly respected and experienced prosecutor.  His strong sense of impartial justice and personal responsibility will serve him well as a Circuit Court Judge. As a prosecutor, Michael Wynhausen has spent his entire career striving to promote public safety and offender accountability while fighting for the rights of crime victims. As your Linn County Circuit Court Judge, Michael Wynhausen will settle for nothing less.